Replace Your old Storage Heaters Now!

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Storage heater installation is something that may need an electrician if one is not sure of what to do. But replacing a worn out storage heater can be manageable especially if the new one is similar to the old one. If one wants to adapt a different heater maybe from electrical to gas, do not take any risk of trying out your ideas without the consultation of a professional.

The best position to place a storage heater is below a window. This space should be wide enough to accommodate the size of the storage heater without squeezing it. The base should be flat and non flammable to withstand the heat being stored. To avoid any burning of things in the house, measure a 250mm distance from furniture or curtains and 200mm from any side of the walls. The heater is installed using specific peak circuits that can sustain the heat instead of the normal plug sockets that will easily burn. For areas prone to earthquakes, straps are built around the heater to reduce the impact of the earthquakes.

After ensuring that you need all the materials for installation, make sure that the height for inlet and outlets measure well with the pipes. One can use flexible connectors that can bend so as they can hookup. The pipes should be threaded so as they can fit in with the connectors. Always ensure that the valves that let in air are closed during the installation process.

After putting together all the pieces make sure that the storage heater is well insulated so as to sustain the highest heat possible. Ensure that is functioning properly by carrying an operation test which will help one be assured that heater they have purchased is of good quality. For safety purposes always stick on a warning sign on the storage heater to show people that it should not be covered or prevent any air circulation in the room.

After installing the storage heater, air the room first before operating on it because a new storage heater may sometimes come with a uncomfortable smell that stops after some few hours. Be sure to always carry home all documents and manuals home while purchasing the storage heater. This will make storage heater installation easier and even the maintenance. Do not try out the installation if you are not sure of what you are doing, a professional is the best way to handle such a process.